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Premium finance funding is a cost-effective way to spread your insurance premium expense utilising a pay-by-the-month mechanism. This frees up your cash flow to re-invest in your business. Utilising the insurance policy itself as security, insurance premium funding does not require traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ to secure the funding.

If you have annual business insurance premiums of $500 or more, you can spread the cost of your insurance over monthly instalments. This way, you can retain working capital that would otherwise have been utilised in paying insurance premiums upfront. That gives you the flexibility to expand your business or take advantage of other commercial opportunities.

The Benefits of Insurance Premium Funding

  • Match your insurance payments to your cash flow
  • No loan service fees and generally no security costs, as the policy itself acts as security
  • Interest costs are usually tax deductible
  • Fixed rates, protecting you from interest rate fluctuations
  • No impact on existing banking or credit arrangements

Can my business be covered by Pay by the Month Insurance ?

Yes, we offer Pay by the month facilities for almost all insurance types – Sometimes it is not possible where the insurance policy is an annual policy and NON Cancellation type – Most people can have an indicative insurance and funding or pay by the month quotation within 48 hours however we may need to obtain quotations from several insurance sources and this may delay the process. Occasionally due to the high risk nature of a business insurance – explosives manufacturers, vehicle importers – we need to apply to overseas insurers as the covers may not be readily available inside of Australia, in this case the lead time to obtain quotes can be as long as 30 days.

Improved Cash Flow – Pay by the Month

Your will greatly improve cash flow by moving your insurance accounts to pay be the month. Premium Funding allows you to align all of the products together to give you a simple snapshot of the products you have with the peace of mind that the insurer is paid and is up to date.

Typical overdraft rates exceed Premium Funding levels in a cash turnover basis and the money retained inside the business can then be better utilised to enable you to do what you do best.

Our advisers are able to arrange extensive packages for your funding needs and most types of insurance can be added to the contracts. As a guide we only fund commercial contracts together and then use separate contracts for personal lines.

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