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  • WebInsure – Business Grade Insurance Advisors

Why WebInsure?

WebInsure is a modern flexible Insurance adviser group, part of the Insurance House team, we utilise many of the latest technologies to get your results – By using the latest software and net-based systems we are able to continually scour the internet for the best Insurance policy coverage for our clients – Not only do we have General Business Insurance options we can also source Life Insurance and Investments through our relationships.

“Trent’s service and advice has helped me stay on top of my business essentials since the very beginning. An indispensable part of my business.” Yean Lee – Consortium Web

Why do you need an Insurance Advisor?

An Insurance Adviser works with the client to obtain the best product. When you appoint WebInsure to act as your Insurance Advisor you are tapping into a vast pool of Knowledge and products, WebInsure, being part of the Insurance House Group, IBNA and NIBA, have many ready made products, even for difficult to place insurance – We have speciality created Insurance covers for many occupations with wordings that allow us be sure that you are properly covered with Insurance

What is Insurance House?

When you are looking for a partner for your business insurance, you try to ensure that the best fit in type and kind is foremost. WebInsure searched for compatible companies with their ideals of being able to provide a broad range of insurance expertise to you – the business owner.

“Trent is a personable and very able insurance adviser who genuinely cares about his clients and the people with whom he deals.

He is an old-fashioned Australian, one who places the interests of others ahead of his own; and he is one of the most honest people I have had the pleasure of meeting and dealing with in my long career in the insurance industry.
Trent will certainly do everything within his compass to look after your insurance needs, of that you may be assured! ”

Gary Gribbin – Director Insurance House Group

We found our insurance partners in Insurance House Group

IHG offers us facilities to place all manner of General Insurance through the IBNA network.

We would like to be your financial and insurance business partner.

Our relationship with Insurance House is much more than a simple facility – Insurance House(IHG) is our “wholesaler” to the Australian and London Insurance Markets and through IHG we can access more covers than what we would as an individual broker – this relationship known in the industry as an Authorised Representative means that Insurance House gives us full Authority to act on their behalf when dealing with clients – to attain this level of authority IHG have obligations to ensure that the advice we give to our clients is of the highest standards and the products we are able to recommend meet the same stringent criterea


Our process is easy and we do the work for you. We can assess the suitability of your current business insurance as we have access to a great number of speciality business insurance programmes that can be tailored expressly for your purposes.

As your advisors WebInsure offers –

  • Advisors representing you, not an insurance company
  • Business Grade Insurers with dedicated business insurance just for you
  • Advice always in your best interest
  • Business Insurance of all types for all types

Contact Us !

You can either ring the Business Insurance Hotline 1300 660 707 Monday to Friday 9am to 5 pm or email email hidden; JavaScript is required.

For out of hours enquiries or busy web users, we have a very simple process:

STEP 1-You simply fill in an appropriate enquiry form under the insurance tab giving us as much specific information as possible; the submit button sends us an email instantly.

STEP 2-We contact you by phone or email and confirm the type of cover and the best insurer for your needs.

STEP 3-We send you our no-obligation report from the preferred insurer and when needed, organise the insurance for you.


Please contact me ASAP 

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Latest News

  • Business Insurance Package

    Webinsure's Business Insurance Package

    Webinsure's Business Insurance Package (s) are specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of Australian small businesses. It provides extensive protection for your business with the one easy-to-read policy. And with the potential to mix up to ten individual insurance covers, you'll be able to tailor your policy to fulfill your business's insurance desires. insurance, business insurance, business insurance package

    Key options

    Tailor your your individual business risk desires, notwithstanding size and kind Provides extensive business insurance package protection for your business under one policy Build your policy from ten individual insurance covers:
    • Property - loss to buildings, contents and stock caused by perils and accidents.
    • Business Interruption - The shortage in your business financial gain caused by the interruption to your business once you’ve had an associated insured loss.
    • Theft cash - theft of business contents or stock, or theft of cash.
    • Broadform Liability - Your legal liability to pay compensation for private injury or property injury.
    • Machinery Breakdown - injury to machinery caused by breakdown, or injury to boilers and pressure units caused by explosion and collapse. Cold or frozen product also can be covered against deterioration.
    • Employee Dishonesty - Fraud or dishonesty by your workers.
    • Computers & equipment - theft, accidental damage, breakdown and business interruption protect computers and equipment.
    • Glass - Accidental Damage of internal and external glass and signs.
    • General Property - Primarily designed for property (excluding stock) that is moved around, like tools of trade or skilled instruments.
    • Tax Investigation - prices incurred by your tax agent (after receiving notification from the Australian Taxation Office) in conducting associate audit or investigation in reference to your liability to pay tax(es).
    For more information try this link : Webinsure's packages can offer tailored options for an individual small business - if you would like to review your risk plan contacts us today [gravityform id="5" name="PLEASE CONTACT ME REGARDING MY INSURANCE"]

  • Disaster Management

    Disaster Management

      A disaster management plan is a key element of any business plan and is often missing in plans we review for clients A little over 18 months ago we sat in our Toowoomba office and watched dumbfounded as heavy rains, became floods and then became life threatening - Our office in the CBD, lost power, internet and sewerage and was not usable for a period of 2 weeks Fortunately we were able to enact our emergency plan and relocate the office to our home kitchen table. Our VOIP phone system only needed internet access and offsite data storage of client files (in Melbourne) meant we were functioning normally from a client perspective the very next morning. From there we ran our business watching the news, seeing clients and most importantly ringing them and ensuring they were ok and not in need of any distress related help.

     How would you disaster proof your business?

      What could happen – A tradesman could have all of their tools stolen.What is the recovery plan? Do you have a list of all the critical items for business functionality say for the event of a fire and is it stored off site? Could it be stored on a smart phone? A major insurance broker in the Brisbane CBD had client records and servers located in the basement. While this seemed secure, the floods of last year meant clients records were unable to be referred to for a period of over one month – How would your clients handle that ?? Risk disaster management plans like any business plans need to be structured and the best ones are simple.

     Who? What?  Where?  When? Why?

      The classic questions that give the answers to just about anything Analyse your risks in a systematic manner, create solutions and prepare for the worse. Insurance alone is not always the answer – for example while an insurance company may offer replacement of a broken item, coverage for the 8 week delay for the part coming from Europe is often overlooked –

     Can you afford to not produce your products for an extended time?


    If it’s critical and could happen and you cant afford to be without… Insure it!