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House Flood Insurance

The largest investment most people make is, the family home.

Often at flood claim time people find out how inadequate the house flood insurance can be if it has not been regularly reviewed.

When seeking flood insurance beware of the traps

Ensure the house is covered for replacement cost – with the rising cost of building many people are finding that the replacement cost of a home may exceed the market value of the property. In times of a disaster, this replacement cost could be even higher due to shortages of labour & materials.

Don’t forget to allow for architect fees and removal of debris costs after a disaster. Typical costs for removal of debris from an average burnt out home can reach $25,000.

Contents new for old?

If you cover contents new for old, your contents insurance must reflect fair replacement price.

Accidental damage Vs Defined events

Accidental damage means if a genuine accident occurs – such as your three year old sprayed the carpets with bleach – then it’s an accident and a claim will be honoured.

Defined events policies are those where a specific event must occur. E.g. Lightning strike – some policies even define that the strike must occur at your premises.

We have a range of domestic flood insurance polices covering everything from mansions to sheds. Our home flood insurance team will help tailor a policy for you that is affordable and effective in its protection of your assets.

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